2nd Shift Supervisor

Company Name:
Pure Fishing
Position Summary: Directs the activities of hourly coworkers in manufacturing and maintenance activities including, but not limited to training and supervising, maintaining a positive work environment, ensuring compliance with safety standards and established policies and procedures.
1. Lead safety awareness and implement new techniques to assure a safe working environment.
2. Provide effective leadership of coworkers on assigned shift consistent with Pure Fishing principles. Maintain a high degree of visibility and access to employees throughout the shift.
3. Communicates equipment issues or other production problems to incoming supervisor at shift change.
4. Support continuous process improvements and waste elimination as part of the Lean initiatives.
5. Facilitate and participate in improvement projects within the manufacturing area.
6. Train the production team on assigned shift to meet customer demand and participate in the Lean process.
7. Coach employees for career and talent development. Proactively address substandard performance in alignment with Pure Fishing principles and policies. Conducts performance evaluations as necessary.
8. Assure adherence to standard work documents and the ISO program.
9. Ensures adherence to product quality standards.
10. Coordinate personnel needs between departments to ensure optimization of customer needs.
11. Promptly completes first report of injury and thoroughly investigates any work place accidents or illnesses on assigned shift.
12. Work with other production leaders to resolve daily production issues such as material, delivery, and quality and employee performance.
1. Bachelors Degree in related field
2. Minimum of 3 years of experience, preferably in a multi-operation manufacturing environment.
3. Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing principles
4. Familiarity with OSHA safety standards and regulations
5. SAP experience preferred
6. Strong computer and MS Office skills
1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
2. Strong analytical and problem solving skills
3. A passion for continuous improvement

Don't Be Fooled

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